Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Recap Of Our Timed Trials!

Thursday at practice (the first "official" one!), Sam and I ran a timed two miles. I can't say anything for Sam, but here is how it went for me:
I was exhausted all day but managed to regain some energy by lazing around the couch and eating yogurt-covered raisins. It had been overcast all day, but by the time I left for practice it was clear, gorgeous, and HOT. When I got to the park I talked to friends and turned in all my paperwork for the season. We went for a ten minute warm-up run, which Sam and I took easy and then cut short so I could pee. After stretching a little and doing sprints and doing frankensteins, we lined up to start running. I felt pretty good until .95 miles in, when I started slowing down due to an unwelcome cramp. I kept running the whole time, but at the last .3 miles I sprinted harder to keep from being last. That made me feel awful when I finished and I very nearly vomited. But I finished in good time (for me), about 9 minutes a mile! 
After that we were supposed to go for an easy run, but Sam and I set off with a group of friends and went on a hiking trail. I actually had a really good time after I recovered! I'm kicking myself for not bringing my phone to take photos, where I live has such pretty trails for runners, cyclists, and hikers. We went back and stretched before heading home. 
That's about it! And for some more shin splint help, when I got home I had awful shin splints, so I iced them for 2 1/2 hours, took an ibuprofen, and now I feel great!
Hope you enjoyed reading! 

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