Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Briefing on Friday's Long-Run!

Yesterday at practice we had a long run, and I felt amazing! I ran the first two miles easily and faster than my normal pace, and felt really good. I took a brief walk break with Sam so we could talk easier, then finished the third mile. Somehow I lost all my excess energy between mile two and three. It might have had something to do with eating ice cream for lunch (guilty as charged). I forced myself to finish the third mile though, so I went agonizingly slow while Sam happily walked off her cramp. At mile three we both returned for a water break, and my energy returned! We ran normally until mile four and cut it short so we could do sprints too (yes we are bad people, sprints on a LSD day!). Of course Sam beat me but I had a lot of fun trying!
All in all I had a really great run! Keep reading,




What's the longest distance you've ran?

Comment below!

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  1. wow, Bailey! You guys did great! I've only ran 2 1/2 miles :( haha


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