Monday, July 29, 2013

Cross country practice

Bailey & I went to cross country practice today! I thought it was a pretty good practice. We did fartleks which were fairly easy and a good way to pace yourself & build endurance. We ran at a 30, 60, 90 tempo (since we're beginners)  and we ran 30 seconds at a fast pace and then jogged 30 seconds at a slower pace. Then we did 60 seconds with that same pattern, then 90, and repeated that 9 times. Every 3 reps we walked 2-3 minutes. 

As you can see, the trail we chose was on concrete, straight, and flat. So it was easy, but we ended up having to run it back and forth 3 times. I ran the whole time except at the end where I tied my shoelaces too tight and for some reason it made my legs tense up and hurt. So as running advice, don't tie your laces too tight and then sprint the the finish line. 

We crossed the lake on this small bridge, it was really pretty. 

After we did fartleks we just did normal exercises; butt kicks, leg kicks, stretches, etc. It was a good practice. 

We will be posting more running tips and nutritional related blogs in the future! Thanks for reading! 

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